Mitchell Senior Elementary Home

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9/10 @ 5:30 in the office




Volleyball & Boys Soccer

Date Team Location
8-31-15 Hoover


9-1-15 Rivera Rivera
9-3-15 Cruickshank Mitchell
9-9-15 Tenaya Mitchell
9-14-15 Hoover Hoover
9-15-15 Rivera Mitchell
9-17-15 Cruickshank Cruickshank
9-22-15 Tenaya Mitchell
9-23-15 to 9-25-25 Varsity Volleyball Rivera
9-23-15 to 9-25-25 Junior Varsity Volleyball Rivera
9-23-15 to 9-25-25 Varsity Soccer Tenaya
9-23-15 to 9-25-25 Junior Varsity Soccer Mitchell
Today: 9/1/15

Community Service

Community Service is defined as volunteered time devoted to assisting community organizations such as schools, churches, shelters, charities, or youth programs. It can also be an activity that provides personal fulfillment but not personal gain. Students may perform service during the summer, school year, weekends, and nights. Students are required to have at least 25 hours to be recognized at graduation.

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